OCEAN AVENGER 1000/1B BEAM LINE, 40' X 40", MFG:2007   Our stock number: 11653

OCEAN AVENGER 1000/1B BEAM LINE, 40' X 40 , MFG:2007

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OCEAN AVENGER 1000/1B BEAM LINE, 40' X 40 , MFG:2007OCEAN AVENGER 1000/1B BEAM LINE, 40' X 40 , MFG:2007OCEAN AVENGER 1000/1B BEAM LINE, 40' X 40 , MFG:2007
OCEAN AVENGER 1000/1B BEAM LINE, 40' X 40 , MFG:2007OCEAN AVENGER 1000/1B BEAM LINE, 40' X 40 , MFG:2007

Profile size 40" x 40'
Maximum drill diameter 1-9/16" @ 100% duty cycle
2" at reduced production
Material thickness

Limited only by drill length and through-the-tool coolant system
1-1/4" with external spray mist coolant system
Maximum speed X axis 120 ft per minute
Maximum speed Y axis 120 ft per minute
Spindle motor 13.5 HP, dual-range hydraulic motor
Spindle speeds 200 - 850 rpm, continuously variable
Drilling feed rate 2" - 10" per minute, continuously variable
Maximum spindle stroke 13"
Vise clamping power 5 tons maximum (adjustable)
Power supply 460 Volt 3 Phase, 60 Hz

The Ocean Avenger can be installed in any structural steel fabrication shop or

other operation where layout and drilling is required. It is capable of

drilling most steel profiles including:
Beams up to 40" high (rolled or fabricated)
Angles, channels and T sections
Flat bars
Plates up to 40" wide
Tapered beams or other unequal sections
Truck frames, rail car frames, etc.

Main Characteristics of the Ocean AVENGER:
Eliminates manual layout and drilling
Provides exceptional accuracy of hole placement, eliminating costly field

Easy installation in one-half the floor psace required by regular beam lines
Simple and easy to operate
No computer experience required
Fully automatic drilling cycle

Concept of the Beam Line
Fixed Machine Bed
Mobile Drilling Unit
Web Sensor System
Hydraulic System
Siemens 2 Axis 840D Numerical Control
Introduction - Data Storing
Axis Control
Pentium PC
Machining Cycle

Foundations and civil engineering must be done by the customer in advance of

arrival of machine. It is recommened by the factory the machine be placed on

a clean level 6" thick concrete floor. You will need dry shop compressed air

(90 - 100 psi - 20 CFM); network cable to the machine' s operating console for

direct importation of drawings from the client's project server; analog

telephone line run to the machine's operating console for remote diagnostic

capability; hydraulic fluid; anchor bolts; levels, transit and miscellaneous


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