88 TON AMADA FBDIII8025NT, AMADA AMNC-PC, MFG: 2000   Our stock number: 11334


FBD8025-NT is an 88 ton, up-acting hydraulic press brake with a bed length
of 8 feet. There are 86" between the frames, with an open height of 16.5". The
maximum travel distance of the ram is 5.9", and the maximum bend length that
can be formed is 98". The ram repeatability is 0.0004", while the backgauge
can travel 19.6".

The FBD8025-NT has an AMNC-PC control, which is used to control the ram,
backgauge and other appropriate functions. There are four methods of entering
data into the AMNC-PC control, 2D GRAPHICS mode, ANGLE Mode, DEPTH Mode and 3D
Mode. BendCAD/CAM, Amada's offline simulation and programming software for
press brakes allow for the generation of programs and set-up data external to
the press brake. This translates into less time setting up the press brake and
more time running production. Also, the FBD8025-NT features rugged machine
construction, increased stroke length, treadle bar and foot pedal, faster
strokes per minute with smooth speed change, left-center-right angle
adjustment and sectionalized punch holders.

System Specifications
Press Brake
Maximum Tonnage: 88 U.S. tons
Bend Length: 98 inches
Maximum Stroke Length: 5.9 inches
Open Height: 16.5 inches
Throat Depth: 15.7 inches
Distance Between Housings: 86 inches
Ram Repeatability: 0.0004 inches
Approach Speed: 165 inches per minute
Bending Speed: 2.4 to 18 inches per minute, programmable
Return Speed: 212 inches per minute
Overall Machine Dimensions: 141" (L) x 94" (H) x 50" (W)
Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 20 gallons
Machine Weight: 13,600 lb.
Power Requirements:7.5 KVA

Repeatability: L Axis 0.0004 inches
Movement Range: L Axis 19.6 inches
Z Axis: 5.9 inches
Feed Speed: L Axis 1180 inches per minute

CNC Controller
Model: Amada AMNC-PC
Axes of Control: Eight
D1, D2 Ram depth: (0.1" ram tilt maximum)
L1, L2 Backgauge: (3" gauge taper maximum)
Z Vertical finger position
Y1, Y2 Horizontal Finger move,emt, side to side
CC Bed Crowning Control

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